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Visit to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Grant recipient & tour of Merlin Biotech.
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Research Fund

Building the Blueprint for a Cure

Kids Beating Cancer is dedicated to ending childhood cancer.  Only through research can cures be discovered and children’s lives be saved.  We look for innovative, novel research projects that have the greatest potential for advancement into promising lifesaving Clinical Trials advancing new treatments for children with cancer and Leukemia. The Research Funds Clinical Trials for high-risk children and support grants to strategically fund tiers of research, with the goal from Bench to Bedside. Kids Beating Cancer offers three categories of grants: Emerging Scientist, Science is the Cure, and the John Voight Leukemia Research Grant.

The statistics for children with cancer are astounding. In the United States, every year more than 17,000 children are diagnosed with cancer.  Despite this, pediatric cancer research receives only 4 percent of total funding provided by the federal government. Since 1980, fewer than 10 drugs have been developed for use in children with cancer, as compared with the hundreds of drugs that have been created exclusively for adults. It will only be with the support from you, that researchers move closer to innovative and specialized cures to end childhood cancer.

$50 funds only ONE HOUR of research!

Science is the Cure Grant

The Science is the Cure Research grant supports innovative, novel preclinical hypothesis-driven studies that are necessary in order to move into clinical trials with a focus on Blood Cancer, Immunotherapy and Solid Tumors with applications to pediatric cancer.

Kids Beating Cancer awards two Science is the Cure research grants for up to $200,000 conducted by MD, PhD, or MD/PhD or equivalent faculty at accredited academic institutions in the United States on a bi-annual basis in January and August.

Emerging Scientist Grant

The Emerging Scientist Grant aims to develop graduate students into tomorrow’s scientific leaders by providing grants to students pursuing a future career in pediatric cancer research. The Emerging Scientist Grant is designed for graduate students pursuing a master’s degree, PhD, or medical degree.

The goal of the Emerging Scientist grant is to expose students to the field of pediatric cancer research while working on a research project. Students are required to work with a mentor to be eligible for this grant.  Students may work on an ongoing research project conducted by their mentor or begin their own research project with their mentor. Students may pursue their research at their own institution or at another institution and the duration of their internship should last 8-10 weeks. Kids Beating Cancer awards two $7,000 grants and five $5,000 on an annual basis.

Only 4% of the billions of dollars that are annually spent on cancer research and treatments are directed towards treating childhood cancer.

Kids Beating Cancer’s Scientific Advisory Board consists of esteemed pediatric oncology and scientific faculty from institutions across the United States. Each of the Scientific Advisory Board members are dedicated to improving the outcome of children with cancer, and as members of the Board, they certify that our research grants applicants are as impactful as possible by selecting to fund the best research projects.

The Kids Beating Cancer’s Scientific Advisory Board oversees the grant review process, recommends the scientific priorities and policies, while guiding new innovative research project areas. The Scientific Advisory Board continually supports in countless other ways, the passion that started Kids Beating Cancer, to bring live saving progress in treatments with the goal we all have, cures for children with cancer.

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Be a part of the Science Behind the Cure and name a Research Grant or Clinical Trial. For more information on the Kids Beating Cancer Research Fund, building a blueprint for a cure, please contact or call 407-894-2888.




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