Research Fund

Research Fund

Building the Blueprint for a Cure

Kids Beating Cancer is building the Blueprint for a Cure through its Research Fund while continuing to support outstanding treatment of childhood cancer.

The Kids Beating Cancer Research Fund believes the science behind the cure and cellular therapy is the future of medicine. From molecular discoveries to innovative treatments, the Research Fund will bring the discoveries for tomorrow’s cures, saving children’s lives today. The Kids Beating Cancer Research Fund’s vision is to move pediatric cancer knowledge forward by developing new treatments for blood cancers and cellular therapies, saving children’s lives

The Research Fund facilitates discovery of new knowledge and treatments that will raise care locally and worldwide.  While investing in advancing the latest treatments such as CAR-T and Apheresis, Kids Beating Cancer is not only advancing research but also providing access to the latest therapies, raising the level of care for central Florida children and beyond.

Kids Beating Cancer Research Fund awards pediatric cancer researchers $100,000, to advance the science behind the cure. Kids Beating Cancer invites researchers nationwide whose focus is to advance Pediatric Cancer Research to submit a grant application.

Annually, Kids Beating Cancer Research Fund hosts the SCIENCE IS THE CURE RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM at the conclusion of the Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (TCT) annual meetings of ASTCT & CIBMTR. Kids Beating Cancer is appealing to researchers to participate in the SCIENCE IS THE CURE RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM and submit a pediatric cancer research proposal to be considered for a $100,000 research grant.

The Research Fund provides the medical equipment for cellular therapy, critical for procedures necessary for bone-marrow and stem cell transplants, and cellular therapy, reducing the wait time for children and healthcare costs.  The ability to have a state-of-the-art lab with the best medical equipment will advance treatments available for fighting pediatric cancer.

LEARN MORE about the research projects Kids Beating Cancer is currently funding.

Your legacy gift to the Research Fund may be the one unique link that will fulfill a child’s personal destiny and impact their lives for many years to come.


Be a part of the Science Behind the Cure and name a Research Grant. For more information on the Kids Beating Cancer Research Fund, building a blueprint for a cure, please contact or call 407-894-2888.




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