Our Mission

Kids Beating Cancer’s Mission

Kids Beating Cancer provides access to life-saving treatments through the science of cellular therapy and advancing pediatric innovative, novel, research, moving new discoveries to patient care, while supporting the children and their families throughout the journey to a cure.

Science is the Cure to Saving Children’s Lives.


Keep Hope Alive – Fight for a Cure for Every Child – Keep the Family Together

Kids Beating Cancer’s vision is to have a place dedicated to curing children. Kids Beating Cancer’s focus is on the belief we all strive for—the day when no child will die before they can experience the joy of life.

For parents of a child diagnosed with cancer or one of 80 malignant and non-malignant life-threatening diseases, we don’t want them to just hope for a cure. Kids Beating Cancer wants to be the conduit that makes a cure possible.

Removing barriers and burdens placed on families that limit their ability to access life-saving treatments, the best and only hope for a cure for their child is the goal Kids Beating Cancer accomplishes every day.

Kids Beating Cancer is a champion for these special children and their families, who only want what every parent wants: their child to be healthy, to beat cancer, and for the family to survive the long journey to a cure.

The heart of our mission: Saving Children’s Lives.

Five things you need to know about Kids Beating Cancer

Kids Beating Cancer provides ACCESS to the best treatment offering the best hope for a cure for children with cancer through its support of:

1. Funding the establishment of the first and only pediatric transplant center in Central Florida so no child and family would have to leave Central Florida to receive treatment – through the Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center at AdventHealth for Children

2. Funding the latest advancements in treatment that provide improved outcomes, reduced wait time, and less traumatic experience for the child, through Cellular Therapy Medical Technology previously not available in Central Florida.

3. Funding innovative novel pediatric cancer research project with scientists nationwide to advance future treatments and cures, moving new discoveries to patient care

4. Funding the donor identification testing necessary for a bone marrow or stem cell transplant with an unrelated donor

5. Supporting the children and families throughout their treatment process, while in the hospital and their outpatient follow-up years

    • Lifting the child’s spirits while receiving a transplant in the KBC-PTC by decorating a themed hospital room selected by the child
    • Proving food for the families while spending weeks and months in the KBC-PTC through a stocked KBC Kitchen and Pantry
    • Providing milestone gifts to the children throughout their hospital stay
    • Providing Parties and Events for children and their families to gather and enjoy fun filled safe experiences
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