Leave a Legacy Save Children’s Lives

Leave a Legacy and Save Children’s Lives!

Kids Beating Cancer Research and Children’s Center

You can leave a Legacy that will Save Children’s Lives by Curing Pediatric Cancer and supporting the families throughout the journey. Your gift can be hands on, controlled by you as to the exact area of Research, Treatment, and Children’s Support your Legacy will impact.

Kids Beating Cancer’s vision is to have a place devoted to curing children with cancer by building a state-of-the-art Pediatric Cancer Research and Children’s Center, a unique one-of-a-kind place housing basic, translational, cellular therapy, and clinical research dedicated to eradicating the pain and suffering of children diagnosed with cancer and leukemia, while also offering a home for the Kids Beating Cancer children and families during their treatment. Your Legacy can make this possible.

Your Legacy can address the staggering low focus nationally in pediatric cancer research, only 4% of all cancer research is for pediatric cancers. Your Legacy will allow KBC to establish the Kids Beating Cancer Research and Children’s Center to accomplish its mission and advance pediatric cancer research in Central Florida and worldwide while serving the children and families. Through a facility of its own, Kids Beating Cancer will accelerate research and development to advance the “Science is the Cure” for pediatric cancer from molecular to ground-breaking therapies. The researched and developed discoveries will be tomorrows cure for saving children’s lives. Through precision scientific Research and Development, the Kids Beating Cancer Research and Children’s Center will pioneer valuable new cures for children with cancer and life threatening diseases; bringing state-of-the-art initiatives in pediatric transplant and cellular therapy. Completed new discoveries, advances, and clinical programs will be implemented from the laboratory to the bedside, curing children, while providing support to the families throughout the tumultuous journey for a cure not addressed by any other organization.

Since 1992, Kids Beating Cancer’s mission to provide access to life-saving treatments, the best and only hope for a cure through bone marrow and stem cell transplants, cellular therapy, and research continues. Kids Beating Cancer believes with the construction of the Kids Beating Cancer Research and Children’s Center, will allow Kids Beating Cancer to have a national platform in the advancement in Pediatric Research and end childhood cancer.

Kids Beating Cancer’s purpose is to fund the cure through innovative and novel research, advancing the science behind the cure, while focusing on the needs of the patients and families will come to full fruition with your Legacy Gift to build the Kids Beating Cancer Research and Children’s Center.

Together we will End Childhood Cancer

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Your Legacy Gift can be in the form of contribution of Stock, a Charitable Gift Annuity, a Multi-Year Pledge, or a One Time Cash Gift. Contact Sam at Kids Beating Cancer for the best option for you, at 407-894-2888 or sam@kidsbeatingcancer.com

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