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$5 Million Raise to Fund the CURE

Celebrating 27 years, our next journey is building on what we have started, the Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center, located at AdventHealth for Children With this 5 Million Dollar Raise, we will expand to a top tier destination Pediatric Bone Marrow & Cellular Therapy program, anding a Pediatric Research Center.  With your support we can offer every child the highest level of care and the very best chance at a cure.  We need YOU to accelerate our work and cure pediatric cancer.  YOU can be a part of the Science behind the Cure, and save children’s lives!!

Please help Save Children’s Lives!
Your gift of any amount will give a child the hope of a cure.
Only through science and life-saving treatments, can these children have a chance to grow up!

To discuss a one-time gift or a multi-year pledge please contact Sam at Kids Beating Cancer
407-894-2888 or 1-866-800-HOPE or

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