Cookies for a Cure


One Cookie at a Time, we need YOU to be a part of the CURE!

Kids Beating Cancer is dedicated to ending childhood cancer.  Only through research can cures be discovered and children’s lives be saved.  By advancing research, Kids Beating Cancer is bringing the latest treatment discoveries to the bedside.  You can make an impact on our journey to a cure by hosting a “Cookies for a Cure” fundraiser. With your involvement, we can cure pediatric cancer, one delicious cookie at a time.

Providing access to life-saving treatments for children diagnosed with cancer and fund pediatric cancer research, moving new discoveries to patient care is Kids Beating Cancer’s mission, while supporting the children and their families throughout the journey to a cure.

Kids Beating Cancer’s focus remains on the belief we all strive for— the day when no child will die before they can experience the joy of life. Thank you for creating an opportunity to share your Cookies while raising the critically needed funds to advance research to cure pediatric cancer!

Host a “Cookies for a Cure” Fundraiser and Save Children’s Lives!

Let’s get started!

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