Bunky’s Pals Patient Services

Bunky’s Pals Patient Services

Children who register with Kids Beating Cancer can participate in any of its programs, will receive a cuddly trademark Bunky Bear® nationwide, and blankets, toys and gifts during milestones while on treatment.

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In Florida, registered members of Kids Beating Cancer, “Bunky’s Pals” are invited to all Central Florida activities, including seasonal parties and a variety of sporting and other ticketed events. Some of the annual parties are Easter Party & Easter Egg Hunt, Rock ‘N Art Party, Prince & Princess Party, Fall Halloween Party and the Holiday Party & Children’s Candle Lighting Ceremony, as well as many other special family centered events throughout the year.

Bunky’s Pals

Kids Beating Cancer Bunky’s Pals program provides support to the children and their families throughout their treatment process, while in the hospital and their outpatient follow-up years.

  • Providing every child with a soft, cuddly Teddy Bear named Bunky, a comfy blanket, cute socks, a Bennie, and a KBC t-shirt
  • Providing children while receiving treatment at participating hospitals a decorated, themed hospital room selected by the child. Teenagers, please select a non-violent, family friendly theme.
  • Providing backpacks filled with goodies and necessities when being Discharged from transplant at participating hospitals
  • Providing weekly meals and fun activities for the children while in treatment at participating hospitals
  • Providing a stocked Kitchen and Pantry while children receive a transplant at participating hospitals
  • Providing milestone gifts to the children throughout their hospital stay at participating hospitals
  • Providing Bicycles for children who wish to ride in Central Florida
  • Providing clothing for children who walk in the annual Walk of Heroes at the Hats & Heroes Ball in Orlando Florida
  • Providing fun filled seasonal Parties, Barbeques, Activities and Ticketed Events throughout the year for the family in Orlando Florida

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The Story of Bunky Bear

Bunky, the trademark teddy bear for Kids Beating Cancer began his journey to bring love, comfort and companionship to children with cancer, leukemia, and those receiving bone marrow transplants many years ago when he met a young boy named John. John was preparing to receive his second bone marrow transplant for Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) that had evolved into the high-risk Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML).

He was sad to once again have to go through the 100 plus day transplant process only 10 months after going through his first transplant. At that time, John had to be transplanted at a hospital all the way across the country due to his age and severity of his disease. Bunky and John became inseparable. He was John’s comfort and companion. If Bunky was by his side, all could be tolerated. They were together until John lost his battle at the age of nine after a difficult four-year journey.

John loved his Bunky, and wanted him to live on so other kids would feel safe and loved. Bunky was reborn at Kids Beating Cancer to offer that love to other children. In early years, he was hand sewn and went through several changes as he became a symbol of Kids Beating Cancer.

In 2013, Bunky was redesigned and a new Limited Edition Bunky was created. Over the years thousands of Bunky bears have been delivered all over the US to children battling cancer and other similar life-threatening diseases. John’s spirit lives on through all the joy his pal Bunky brings to every child that receives this soft, cuddly treasured new friend.


For the Love of John

John’s last Christmas wish was to receive a bicycle. His family at the time could not afford one. Because he was not expected to survive his disease, others thought it was not an appropriate gift for him. Although many showered him with other gifts, there was no bicycle under the tree. John believed, when he did not get the bicycle, it was because all hope was gone. It was a message to him that he was not going to live and brought him great sadness. John would not want any child to lose hope or have sadness instead of joy at Christmas. Symbolizing hope and joy, every child who requests a bicycle for Christmas will receive one regardless of their prognosis. Every child deserves hope.



If you would like to sponsor any of the Children’s Programs, email angelica@kidsbeatingcancer.com or click on the link below. Donate Now

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