$20 Million Safe Haven Children’s Center

$20 Million Raise to launch the creation of a one-of-a-kind Children’s Center

Kids Beating Cancer Children’s Center
Caring for the ill Child while finding the cure 

Kids Beating Cancer’s vision is to have a place devoted to curing children with cancer by building a state-of-the-art Pediatric Cancer Children’s Center, a unique one-of-a-kind place dedicated to eradicating the pain and suffering of children diagnosed with cancer and leukemia, while also offering a home filled with support for the Kids Beating Cancer children and families.

Our first 30 years

2022 marks Kids Beating Cancer‘s 30th year of carrying out its mission of providing children access to life-saving treatments, while supporting the children and their families throughout the journey to a cure. Our focus in the beginning was to bring state of the art care to Central Florida so no child should ever have to leave their community of support to receive the best hope for a cure. Through Kids Beating Cancer unwavering advocacy and investment in the community, we have accomplished that goal!

Going forward

As we move forward, launching our vision to advance research, clinical trials, and cellular therapy, bringing the latest treatment available worldwide to the bedside right at hospitals here in Central Florida, we need a safe haven place for the families being treated. Our dedication going forward is to create a unique, one-of-a-kind pediatric healing center of hope and opportunity dedicated to curing children by establishing the Kids Beating Cancer Children’s Center. Our focus remains on the belief we all strive for— the day when no child will die before they can experience the joy of life.

After a child receives the acute, intense and critical inpatient treatment required for the initial cancer diagnosis, a long period of outpatient care is necessary to complete the cure.  The Kids Beating Cancer Children’s Center will be that safe haven home for these children and their families as they proceed to recovery, as well as a place to advance scientific possibilities bringing the latest treatments to the bedside here in Central Florida.

The Kids Beating Cancer Children’s Center purpose is to:

  1. Have facilities for Outpatient Services, Treatments, and Therapies from infusion care, to therapeutic interventions, and new advancements as discovered
  2. Advance scientific knowledge by providing an atmosphere that encourages research while caring for an acutely ill child. This requires facilities for visiting experts and an auditorium coincident with first class treatment facilities.
  3. House Family Suites as safe individual “homes” for the immune compromised children and their families to stay while receiving outpatient treatment. Whether needed for a day or a month, families will have a SAFE HAVEN place to find comfort, filled with all the necessities critically needed at NO COST to the family. This will reduce financial burdens already placed on families when they have traveled far from home to access the outpatient medical care for their child.
  4. Provide Family Activities for hope and healing that will range from art, to gardening, or just a place to bond with other families, during their child’s immune compromised phase in a safe setting. Always an abundance of healthy meals and snacks for the children and their families while at the Center at NO COST.

Advancing scientific knowledge while putting the families first

The Kids Beating Cancer Children’s Center will be a gift to the children of Central Florida and nationwide, allowing our philosophy: to keep hope alive, to fight for a cure for every child, and to keep the family together, to flourish. Science and treatment will continue to be at the apex, where knowledge, treatment and family support coalesce to cure a little boy or girl to beat cancer, and for the family to survive the journey.

Only through Science can Life-Saving treatments be discovered!

To address the staggering low focus nationally in pediatric cancer research, (only 4% of all cancer research is for pediatric cancers) KBC is launching a Campaign to establish the Kids Beating Cancer Children’s Center. Through a facility of its own, Kids Beating Cancer will accelerate its support for research and clinical trials for pediatric cancer supporting new discoveries for tomorrows cures to save children’s lives.

The Kids Beating Cancer Children’s Center will invest into valuable new cures for children with cancer and life threatening diseases trough its support; bringing state-of-the-art initiatives in targeted, translational, and immunotherapy to the children being treated in Central Florida.  Completed new discoveries, advances, and clinical programs that will be implemented from the laboratory to the bedside, while providing support to the families throughout the tumultuous journey for a cure not addressed by any other organization.

Since 1992, Kids Beating Cancer’s mission to provide access to life-saving treatments, the best and only hope for a cure through bone marrow and stem cell transplants, cellular therapy, and research continues.  The construction of the Kids Beating Cancer Children’s Center will allow Kids Beating Cancer to have a national platform in the advancement in Pediatric Research and end childhood cancer while providing a safe haven to the children while being treated in Central Florida..

Kids Beating Cancer’s purpose is to fund the cure through innovative and novel research, advancing the science behind the cure, while focusing on the needs of the patients and families will come to full fruition with a Campaign to build the Kids Beating Cancer Children’s Center.

Impact on the Community

1.   Treatment Programs

a) Facilities for Outpatient Treatments and Therapies
b) New Therapies and Advancements as discovered
c) Facilities available for Lease

2. Support Programs

a) Individual Suites for the immune compromised children and their families before, during and after their treatment in the Center at no cost.
b) Family activities in a safe setting for hope and healing from art, to gardening, or just a place to bond with other families, during their child’s immune compromised phase.
c) Always an abundance of healthy meals and snacks for the children and their families, all at no cost to the families

3.   Research Programs

a) Sponsoring Scientists from the top Worldwide Institutions
b) Facilities for visiting researchers

4.   Education Programs

a) Auditorium and Meeting Rooms to Educate the Medical and Scientific Community as well as the Public on the latest advancements
b) Publications of Medical and Scientific Articles and Newsletters

Naming Opportunities:

  • Building
  • Entire Floors
  • Auditorium
  • Grand Foyer
  • Scientific Center
  • Treatment Facility
  • Wellness Center
  • Children’s Treatment Rooms
  • Outside Serenity Garden and Fountain
  • Family Individual Suites
  • Family Community Kitchen
  • Children’s Arts Center and Play area
  • Rooftop Garden
  • Chapel

Please help Save Children’s Lives! Your Gift will give Children the Cure they deserve!

We welcome all supporters to this live saving endeavor.   And to our loyal supporters of Kids Beating Cancer’s Mission, we hope you will allow us the opportunity to meet with you and share how you can accelerate advanced medical care and the cure for the children of our community, while supporting these families throughout the journey with this one-of-a-kind facility!

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We will End
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